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BUNN Gourmet Bold & Zesty Spices Collection

BUNN Gourmet Bold & Zesty Spices Collection

BUNN Gourmet Bold and Zesty Collection: 5 flavors to entice your tastebuds:
• Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt
Use with BUNN Gourmet USDA Prime and Choice Black Angus Steaks &Prime Rib, grilled peaches, melon, and sweet potato fries
• Espresso Brava Sea Salt
Use with BUNN Gourmet Black Angus Skirt, FlatIron and Hanger steaks, or add to your favorite grilling rub
• Honey Alepo Pepper
Use with BUNN Gourmet Berkshire Bone-In Pork Chops, Ribs, Fish & Seafood, Chicken, Southwest Cuisine, and Potatoes
• Toasted Onion Herb
Use with Burgers, Pot Roast, Meatloaf, Vegetables, or Sour Cream Dip
• Smokey Paprika Chipotle Rub
A smoky mesquite flavor perfect for any of your favorite Southwest dishes - recommended for Chicken, Tacos, Salsa, Pork and Shrimp

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